Friday, September 24, 2010

Reflection - Prototype

1. What are the difficulties that you have encountered during the process?
I did not realized that the purpose of building a prototype is to test the product out, so I did not thought of how to use the prototype to gather data to prove that the product works. I also have problem deciding on which kind of testing should I use for which design considerations.

2. How do you overcome the difficulties encountered?
I spent more time to think about how I could use the prototype to prove that the idea works, how to collect the data. I consider the pros and cons of using the type of testing for each considerations and figure out which will ended up with a data that will benefit me more.

3. What are the 2 key takeaways for this lesson?
I learnt that we should always know the purpose of doing a task and not just blindly follow instructions. For any issues, we should look at both sides of it.

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