Saturday, February 13, 2010


snap this picture while Serene is trying to take hers..

trying to take a picture of the school while Reuven thought that I am taking picture of him..
might as well take his at the same time..

taking picture of Arthur and Yifan while they are taking picture of something far out there..

End of our Taking-picture-of-other-people Session..

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Different types of photography
  • Street photography
  • Sports photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Aviation photography
  • Fusion Photography
  • Rollout photograph
  • Astronomical photography
  • Still life photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Landscape photography
Equipments needed for Photography
                    • Camera
                    • Reflector
                    • Tripod for greater stability during long exposure
                    • Adjustment of the lens opening
                    • Measured as f-number
                    • Controls the amount of light passing through the lens
                    • Has an effect on depth of field and diffraction
                    • Adjustment to place the sharpest focus where it is desired on the subject
                    Shutter Speed
                    • Adjustment of the speed of the shutter to control the amount of time during which the imaging medium is exposed to light for each exposure
                    • May be used to control the amount of light striking the image plane
                    ISO Speed
                    • Are employed on modern digital cameras as an indication of the system's gain from light to numerical output and to control the automatic exposure system.
                    • Higher the ISO number the greater the film sensitivity to light; the lower ISO number, the film is less sensitive to light
                    • Correct combination of ISO speed, aperture, and shutter speed leads to an image that is neither too dark nor too light
                    • Measurement of exposure
                    • Control the highlights and shadows
                    White Balance
                    • Control the color temperature
                    For more information on color temperature:

                    • Rules of Thirds - dividing the image by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines, the 4 intersection of these line will be the most interesting places for main subject(s)
                    For examples for Rules of Thirds: